I didn’t last…

With the new year here I’ve given thought to my blog and decided that I want to try a different approach. Every time I set a schedule, I NEVER follow through! SO starting in February I am going to be posting three- four times a month (basically once a week!) I don’t know what themes I am going to be sticking with, but hopefully they will be fun!


Today I am going to write about my DCP experience. A lot of you may know, or not know, one year ago (today) I flew down to Florida to start the Disney College Program. I ended up coming home early, and by early I mean EXTREMELY early.  With the “one year” coming up, I’ve heard a lot of “do you regret coming home?” or “what made you come home?” I guess for me it was a lot of different things that helped me finalize my decision. The main one being my anxiety, it was probably the first time I’ve had legit panic attacks, which spiraled into me making myself sick. I was constantly overthinking timing, getting in trouble, or navigating the park correctly. This alone drove me nuts. The decision to come home was something that made a lot of people upset, but it was the best one for me.

“Do you regret it?”
A question I never thought I would answer. Honestly I’m not sure I do. I think I regret the opportunities/ friendships I could of established. I really lucked out living with awesome girls and unfortunately I was never able to establish a lasting relationship with them. I am so glad they got out what they wanted from the position and I secretly live through the pictures they always post. The one thing I keep reminding myself is that if I didn’t come back I wouldn’t have had the experiences that I have had. I definitely wouldn’t be in a grad school program and I wouldn’t have had the GA experiences at Stonehill and Bridgewater. The program didn’t work for me and it sucks but what happened in the past cannot stop me from the experiences the future.





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