Im BACKKKKKKKK! Today I will be posting about our November theme, THANKSgiving, today will most likely focus on things I’m thankful! Read to the end and you’ll get a surprise video!

191d54a65a632dda263825e1b3ed1c7b.jpg                                                                •picture from Pinterest!

Thankful, what exactly does it mean to you? To me, it means expressing gratitude towards things/people that I have. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, mainly for the Turkey and mashed potatoes but since growing up I have started to understand my real reason for giving thanks. This past year I have experience some really awesome times and some really poor times but through it all I have had amazing times. I am so thankful for the opportunities i have been given, whether it is working at BSU, living at stonehill, attending grad school or being able to buy a new car. I am incredibly grateful to the people have supported me through it, nana and grampy, mom, dad, kristin, sydney and of course matthew. The friends I have gained and even the friends I have lost, I have learned so much about myself through you!

I hope everyone gets to experience a warm cooked meal and hopefully a loving hug on Thanksgiving. Make sure you tell people you love them and most of all tell them THANK YOU!



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