Top 5 of September

I’ve recently read a couple of blogs that have posted some of their favorite products or trends that they really like. So without further ado…..

Zukowskiblogs MUST HAVES

  1. Teavana Perfect Tea Maker *

Image taken from Teavana Website

I honestly love my Tea Maker. I use it almost every day and each time I use it I always get the best tasting cup of Tea. You can use it with an actual kettle where you let the water boil and then place the correct amount within the cup or you can use your Keurig! I do get bummed out because with the perfect maker you need to buy loose leaf teas and also have a place to store them. I was lucky enough to recieve the product for Christmas with a gift card. I always brew myself a Maharaja Samurai Chai. Teavana can be a bit pricey but this product is only 19.95 on there website and you can usually get a great deal with their seasonal sales!

2. Booties

During a recent trip to the outlets I found a killer deal, Black ankle booties. They were marked down for $25 and after debating on whether or not to get them, I made my way to the cash wrap. I watched the boots ring in and when the cashier pressed total the price went down to $9!!!! (yes you read that right!) How could I have passed those up! Unfortunately, it hasn’t been as cold as Fall should be so I still have yet to wear them. But I’m also a little nervous to try to pull them off. I love them one but I haven’t found an outfit where I can use the shoes to pull it together. SO shout out to all you shoe lovers, how would you rock black ankle booties?! (pictures to follow on my OOTD)

3. Statement walls

I have recently moved into an apartment for my Graduate Assistantship and boy do I love to decorate! I’ve been dying to decorate my room and create a space that I love to spend time in. My bedroom is my current project. I have one statement wall directly above my bureau. The picture shown is what I have so far. I’m still looking before more key pieces to pull it together but I’m starting to really enjoy it!


4. DIY project

Number four is not a must have but it is something I want to try making. While on the topic of decorating, I’ve decided to try making my own head board. Now recently while working First Year move in I noticed a lot of the girls were bringing in these huge pieces of wood and I had not a clue in the world with what they were. After searching through pintrest I have found a couple of instructional videos that don’t look too hard to follow. The blog She Said made hers out of cardboard and stuck to a $30 budget. Click the picture to visit her blog! I’ll be making a video of making one to put up on this blog as well!

5. R2d2 nightie

I have no words for how awesome this is! I might have to do a DIY Halloween costume featuring this sweet shirt dress!  How fun is this and it’s at Target for only 19.99! They recently launched a new Star Wars line that has clothing, toys, bedding, basically anything you want Star Wars themed they have it!

This month has been crazy busy and I cannot wait until October finally starts! Don’t forget if you have any tips on how to rock booties or sit headboards leave it in the comments!

Thanks for sticking with me on this bumpy ride!


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